Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Melanie Browne- A Poem

I am a Space Slut
(For Momma)

I fly into the future,
I am a space slut,
I wear my skirts too high,
and just like in
Forbidden Planet,
they tell me it
is "indecent"
I have a robot
make me a new dress,
my robot is cool,
his name is
not Robbie,
Robbie is a
juvenile name
for a robot,
I am a space slut,
I kiss all the Guys
on Planet B,C,D &E,
I'm loose I tell ya,
I swim in loose
I drink fancy drinks
that Robor makes me,
I have nightmares
about monsters
and run crying to
my daddy,
I am a space slut,
I make the
astronauts cry,
the new moons
and the stars
cannot destroy me,
I am invincible

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