Monday, April 27, 2015

Arif Ahmad- A Poem

Your average Muslim Joe and Mary

Eradicated en masse by the Muslim fundamentalists for not being Muslim enough and siding with the West

Tried unilaterally in the media, embarrassed, condemned, regarded with suspicion, frisked at the airports, many having lost their lives and checked off as collateral damage by the warring West

Often misunderstood and taken out of context

Never for a conflict, we like it quiet and out of limelight

Not expecting anyone to bail us out or elevate our status

Some fault for all this surely lies with us

We are your average Muslim Joe and Mary, the single largest casualty, the silent tragedy of this war on terror

And it is for us to find a way out of this rut

To become a world-class scientist, a politician, an artist, an entrepreneur, a philosopher

Excel at living and never say never

1 comment:

  1. This poem is a good start. We must begin to hear more from “normal” Muslims before even those of us who intellectually know better begin to condemn all Muslims for the insanity of more than a few. Better yet, we need to hear from “normal” imams in world mosques decrying the behavior of the rogues among their millions of brethren.