Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bree- Two Poems

you do stand out

i see you vouchsafe the right of way
in a four-way cave bear man tree standoff,
centuries and miles away from resolution,
exactly as you'd have it be
you are

a thistle grown between two junipers
you stand out like silence.

so absorbed

an owl thrusts its full bell song
weighty as a tapestry bestrewn
over a corpse, wicking its way 
across adjoining woods with
grand momentum; a voice so full
i have not heard since i knelt to
my chagrin in the masonic temple
on 30th; it keeps bell-round,
advances in duplicates over our
heads and through our stomachs,
while we stand
awake and breathing,
enveloped in utter

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