Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kapil Muni Tiwary- Three Poems


It took an earthquake
To put you to sleep,
And woke me up to the truth;
Everyone is born
With their own earthquake,
With or without a tidal wave,
Intimately private and untransferable,
Others may feel the tremors
Of your earthquake
Strongly or weakly,
Or none at all.
You alone,
Absolutely alone are
Born to bear
The brunt of its mighty push
Purged of life on your funeral pyre.

Without any Plan  
You and I met young,
Wandering on the face of the earth,
Just by chance, without any plan.

At a place unknown
To both, 
At a time fixed by stars,
Not by us on the earth,
In mere play we met
Without any plan.

We stayed together,
Just by chance
For long, long years
Without any plan.

Then one day in time
You died
Just by chance?
Without any plan?

Almost Always
Almost always
On the verge of leaving
She never did,
She laid herself down beside me
To be herself, and live her life with me.
Almost always.

Until one day,
Quite early really,
When the stars were out and away,
The world was silent as a tomb,
And I was sound asleep,
She left
And laid herself down to live,
Her life without me.

I lost her for good, it seemed
And doomed to search her for ever.
But God! I find her everywhere!
She comes to me, fully alive, even after death
Night after night, day after day
Almost always.

BioKapil Muni Tiwary did his MA and PhD in Linguistics from University of Pennsylvania and worked as professor of Linguistics and English Literature in India, Iraq and the Republic of Yemen. He has carried out research on languages like English, Bhojpuri, Hindi, Sanskrit and Arabic and several of his articles have been published in well known journals. These include The Echo-word Construction in Bhojpuri and Tuneful Weeping: A Mode of Communication. He is also the author of Panini's Description of Sanskrit Nominal Compounds and Language Deprivation and the Socially Disadvantaged: With special Reference to Bihar. At present he lives at Patna, India. Of late he has started using poetry as a mode of his expression. 


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