Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Tamara Turner- Two Poems & Photos

Still Cold
Winter my calendar says
The old witch has passed
It is now time for
Spring and hummingbirds
Daisies, butterflies, and sunshine
Oh I see the sun alright
He peeks out from muted sky
Not smiling upon us
Turning nothing green
Combating not the wind
Or too-low temps from air
Floating up from the white stuff
Still softly piled blanketing this
Side of the Earth
Mock Melt
Oh winter you tease
Allowing sun slip
Through cracks of swollen
Sky softly begin to melt
Outside and I can see
Through window of safety
Inside warmth
And I am lured
Hoping to find more
Spring-like scene
For anything green
But powder still
Covers everything
Except that small segment
You chose to show
Now I’m chilly and chilled
Cold again
Being led out by your
Ah, Colorado in springtime. Tamara currently lives in sunny southern California and long, she does not, for the bitter sweet snow.  

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