Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ramona Thompson- Two Poems

Bitch Viper
Think you're so bad ass
Little girl
Play acting
In the grown up world
Don't know the meaning of class
All you wanna do is stomp your foot
Act up in a rage
Show your ass
And the true fool you are
Low down
Snake in the grass
You're all bark
Got no real bite or life skills
You sell your body
You sell your soul
Just to please a man
What kinda example is that for your son?
I got your number
I know the real deal you
The monster
Under the mask
Baby girl you can't hide
You're low
So low
Quit standing there
In mock outrage
Trying to sass
The truth is out at last
And now there's no going back
Not for either of us
Time to grow up
Back up off that attitude
Cause ain't nobody around here
Gonna take your trash talk anymore
We're done
And so are you
Spoiled fit throwing
Foot stomping
Hulk ragin'
This is the real world
And little girl you're gonna have to learn
Learn your place
As a woman in it
Before it's too late
And nobody wants you around anymore
2015 Ramona Thompson
The Dead Snake In My Milkshake
I don't know why
You're always so glum
Raining thunder on my parade
Whenever I'm happy
You get angry
Lost in a black rage
Trying to drag me
Ever deepr
Into your darkness
Just like a hungry beast
In a cave
My sadness is your food
My life would be
The sweetest desert
If not for you
Always there
Always on my ass
Pitching a fit
Causing a scene
Devoured by your own regrets
You seek always it seems
To make my life
One giant living Hell
With you cast the satanic queen
My dreams have become
A living nightmare
My successes
Sour in my mouth
Your demonic sun
Burns me to ashes
I was a rising Phoenix
Till you cut me off
At the wings
Never before felt so unloved
So betrayed and afraid
How can we stay friends?
When more and more
You make me feel
As if you are my worst enemy
Love for you
So rapidly fading
Starting to think
If I ever wanna be free
If I ever wanna be truly happy
In my life
I must cut the ties
And leave behind
No matter how much it hurts
The dead snake in my milkshake
2015 Ramona Thompson
Ramona Thompson has been writing for more then 20 years. Her past publishing credits include Dead Snakes, Calvary Cross, This Ain't No Rodeo, Howl, and many more.
Fans/readers may find her on facebook or her e-mail 

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