Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Melanie Browne- Two Poems

"I figure I basically am a Ghost, We basically all are." -John Astin

I'm a ghost girl
living in a ghost city
I like ghost pepper pizza
I ride my ghost bike
to the ghost airport
where I drink ghost cocktails
with Blackbeard's ghost,
I listen to the ghostly choir
I take a ghostly flight
to a ghost resort
draped in ghostly fur,
another ghost town,
another ghostly village,
I'm like a rock no roll ghost,
I check into a ghost hotel,
the ghostly employees
sit around playing checkers,
some of them religious
and friends with the Holy Ghost,
"Have you seen the new rolls Royce?"
they ask me,
"The Ghost series II is sweet"
the desk clerk rings a bell,
but ghost riders appear
I hear ghostly screams
a man complains about
the ghost of his
nagging old lady,
there are ghostly shots
with ghostly guns
and ghostly silence
the sunset a brilliant
orange through
a ghostly towering window

I was robbed on the kings highway while high on caffeine and a Denver omelet.

I was robbed on the kings highway
While high on caffeine and a
Denver omelet,
I had just left Waffle House,
or was it Denny's,
I was confused by the waitress,
She asked me if I wanted my
Scrambled eggs hard or soft,
Yellow or tinged with blue?
I gave up and ordered the omelet
The previous night I had a great many
Dreams, in one I was in a gondola
In Venice but there was no where to go
To, no buildings of any kind, just water ways
and a lovely Gondolier, he sang me
Tom jones and frank Sinatra,
Are we in Vegas? I asked him
In the other dream I was crawling
Through barbed wire,
some sort of training exercise,
The sky was butterscotch orange
And I could smell some
Short'nin bread but I was
Moving in slow motion,
I was certain I would
Fail this basic training,
I was robbed on the kings highway
While high on caffeine
And a Denver omelet,
Good sir, I pleaded
I lost my debit card this morning,
That's the fifth time this
Month, my bank is getting bored,
He showed me no mercy
And demanded payment
Of some kind so I danced
A pathetic jig and rolled my
Tongue and also my "R's"
Like any good Texan should do,
But he was still not satisfied,
So I dug a couple of fives
And a bunch of crusty nickels
From the bottom of
My crusty purse,
He left me with a
Bit of verse,
And a stern warning
About smarting off
To gentlemen with guns
And we both set off in
Different directions

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