Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

State of Affairs

the state department,
students of Stalin,
or maybe users of cocaine,
and LSD,
the important task,
it seems,
to spread the sunshine,
and protect the lie,
warp the world view,
with misinformation,
and repeated lies,
over and over again,
no matter how comical,
or insane,
reality relative,
controlled by the brain,
and the tongue,
ask the students of Stalin,
it is easily done,
when few really care,
about the state of affairs.


an unholy war,
now begins,
America loses,
no matter who wins,
politically correct,
and just inept,
America bloviates,
while decisions made,
Secretary Kerry,
expressing forty years of American distaste,
plays his hand,
hoping for immortality,
but only a traitor,
to ideals,
the same as before.

Battle Lines

Arab fighting Persian,
across the Middle East,
Shiite and Sunni,
a family feud,
within the faith,
the infidels ignored for the moment,
unless to use in this greater struggle,
there will always be time,
to kill and evangelize,
the battle lines drawn,
who will control the prophet's path into the future.

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