Saturday, March 7, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- A Poem

Inherited Throne
God is surging through my blood.
My veins are pumping feverishly
to the point of explosion
as I ride the tide of divine intoxication.

The dragon has been chased down –
caught him in the spotlight
after wooing his ego with praise.
Burnt his flesh in a sacrifice –
feasted on the tail first,
then slowly made my way to the eyes
to inherit the vision of fire.

Breathe in the flames and claim the throne –
nothing left to lose, no way to be stopped.
The moment is expansive.
Madness is the new wave.

Scott Thomas Outlar dances in the waves of the Tao River's tide, sometimes catching the high peak, sometimes drinking the undertow. His debut chapbook "A Black Wave Cometh" will be released in April through Dink Press. More of his work can be found at

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