Thursday, March 12, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

Systems Down

the system played,
by the immoral,
and the corrupt,
abusing the laws,
and changing the culture,
jobs no longer important,
wealth to be taken,
instead of earned,
divided among the schemers,
and the scams,
while the system crumbles from neglect.


emails deleted and hidden,
government rules and regulations,
only for the serfs,
and the citizens,
politicians free to manipulate and deceive,
government officials,
the new elite,
vanguard of the revolution.
Death of the Republic

Barrack Obama a fan of Caesar,
crossing the Rubicon,
the republic in danger,
God like,
the president will decide good and evil,
a modern day Solomon,
law no longer matters,
neither does tradition,
opinion matters most,
as long as it agrees with the president.

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