Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Michael Ceraolo- Three Poems

Mobservation #4

To counteract the dread
the vast majority of people
kept busy trying to fulfill
a late-twentieth-century prophecy:
                                                  that one day
everybody would be famous for fifteen minutes

The prophet hadn't known at the time
that the vehicle for everyone's fame
would be the pseudo-reality show
The only question for most people
was whether the show would be
ordinary dumbass or celebrity dumbass

Mobservation #5

All those elected to public office,
regardless of what party they represented,
were subject to the Iron Law:
Anyone who can get elected
isn't worthy of being elected

Mobservation #6

There were those who believed that
if they couldn't remember something,
then no one else could either;
if they didn't notice something,
then no one else could either;
if they couldn't learn something,
then no one else could either
A pseudo-equality
that said in practice
they believed everyone was as stupid
as they were


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