Thursday, March 19, 2015

Jeremy Young- Two Poems


kissing gate hedge thin view
boats high grounded untided blue rim
red bottom unsailed

snake rope buoys elbow lean
estuary channel
dippers waders
kingwild strut
bob head
peck peck

Still in Motion

reflected in the water the tree remains a tree
beneath the white cloak of insulating spring

phantom as mice not seen peripherally
the fawn comes to drink walking on ground
so heated so heated hot horse shoe hot
hoof on hoof burn slushed snow hoof

crackle bracken crumble break

tonight I will sleep in a barn converted
a bunkhouse on white sheets
my caked boots napping fat swollen

the drinking fawn a framed laps
licks up the mirror dabbled ripple
reverberate the spine bud branches

Jeremy Young lives in Yorkshire and is a semi regular member of the Beehive Poets

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