Sunday, March 8, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

so tell me when this all ends
will we have 
conquered everything?
yes, please say yes, i want to
be the dreamer that birthed a better
world into existence;
kiss me
because in my fantasy you have always been
my lover and you always
i swear i've met you before in a 
past world—
maybe i should just let it go,
but i can't
my love lasts forever
and i want eternity right now;
patience is always a virtue i've worked on
but i wait for no one because
life moves too fast
so tell me yes
because no hurts too much—
i am sick of endless pain and i want to open my eyes
have you standing there looking at me like i am
aphrodite, let me be your aphrodisiac.

all these girls 
throw themselves at you,
and it must be exhausting dealing
with your beauty;
i've known the same story
for many years—
i must say i have fallen in love with you, too,
and i can't promise that i would be
only that i would always be me
because that's all i can offer
i am a poet and perhaps that makes me mad
but i believe in the power of my dreams
maybe if i dream you hard enough
we'll finally meet—
all i know is you stole a piece of my heart
that i'll never get back,
and all i want more than anything is for you
to love me the way i love you
for everything you are, for everything you aren't.

the mystery of you 
you're such a mystery
i've always loved
but i never fell as hard for one 
as i have you;
i tell myself that it is silly and impractical
but when is love ever convenient?
all i can hope is that it doesn't go unrequited
have already shattered my heart on
those jagged edges several times,
and i think i'd like to know you the same way
the clouds know the sky and to drift
upon your focus as the
brightest star;
there is a light in me that never dies
i'd never let you dine on darkness alone—
there's billions of gorgeous people,
but my heart only wants the
mystery of you.

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