Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems


Nixon cared for the country,
and resigned,
Clinton did not,
now an empty bluff,
Obama willing to gamble America's future,
the same as Bush,
the second,
willingly squandered treasury and lives in the desert sand,
socialists in the senate,
and narcissists everywhere one looks,
the poor no longer people,
but political pawns,
health insurance no longer insurance,
but another ponzi scam,
banking and betting lives instead of money,
the government and insurance companies,
playing with house money,
while the rest of us,
play Russian roulette,
many praying for a bullet,
instead of a protracted death,
and an empty chamber,
payback a bitch,
as Valerie Jarrett said,
race issues erupt,
in this time of hate,
paint the skin either brown or black,
to hide the target,
on the white man's back,
police departments destroyed,
under the attorney general's watch,
threatened again and again,
by Holder's black skinned thugs,
intimidating the whiter races,
ironically Obama and Holder,
both raised away from the hood,
they learned how to talk,
both white,
and black,
liars in more than one language,
impeachment such a empty threat.

Racism in America

Ferguson only an excuse to stoke the rage,
change not truly wanted,
responsibilities could then be demanded,
respect the community,
and obey the law,
the anger misplaced,
blame assessed unjustly,
mainly out of need,
without the white racist,
one must look in the mirror,
and confront the answers lurking there,
much easier,
if Ferguson an excuse,
to stoke the rage.

Foreign Policy

beheadings and crucifixions,
the fires flame,
an orange morning sky,
the world burning,
no hoses in sight,
a dark age lurks,
the sands of the Mideast caked in blood.

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