Tuesday, March 10, 2015

S. Black- Three Poems

suicide season

let us raise our glasses
let us toast and cheer
those early leavers
who stayed
as long as they could
but had to go
and prepare the way
who have forgiven us
even if
we haven't forgiven them


it was the summer of 84
when he first went crazy
there had been a few false dawns
but he finally relented
during the physics exam
when he didn't have the answers
and the walls came tumbling down
so he walked out
and never came back
walked out and fell
from the edge of the world

peep show

it was dark outside
she stood naked
in front of the window
she said
could be watching me
right now
and i would never know
she said
for peace of mind
could i go outside
and make sure

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