Thursday, March 19, 2015

Michael Keshigian- Three Poems


Ferris wheel revolves
velocity and glow,
a kaleidoscopic adventure

and screams of glee
heard ‘round the grounds
duets with the singing carousel

which spins
to horse’s gallop
toward the house of mirrors

shadowy silhouettes
of our clandestine embrace.

Dozens of you
touching me
hundreds of times.


He imagines us on the beach,
soft sand at our feet
just after lunch
when warm rays and a delicate breeze
bid us rest.

He considers my arm around her waist,
my body sideways against bikini curves,
surrounded by seagulls
that squawk for attention
and the litter seas throw.

It’s been so long for him.
He has difficulty deciding
what may be real
and occasionally doubts
the idea of our very existence.


I watched them gig
in the pit
playing funky jazz licks
in modal timbres
made me squirm.

I thought,
I’ll blow this place
when this babe be-bopped from behind
hands in my hair
said we can really groove.

I danced through the night
till light
cut a ray
through her ceramic face

cracking beauty
into puzzle fragments.
she started to sing
the blues.

Michael Keshigian’s ninth poetry book, Dark Edges was released September, 2014 by Flutter Press. He has been widely published in numerous national and international journals most recently including Poesy, The Chiron Review, California Quarterly, Poppy Road Review and has appeared as feature writer in over a dozen publications with 5 Pushcart Prize and 2 Best Of The Net nominations. (

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