Monday, March 30, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

you shot arrows through my heart
lies masquerading as truths,
but i am not as foolish
as you;
i did not fall for the content within,
and i snapped your arrows
in half before pulling the offending adam out
because i am stronger than you'll
ever know—
i sat in a broken coronation hall for far too long
even if i can't be your monarch
doesn't mean i am not a
and maybe one day you will find me at the end
of every tiara you break and wonder why
you ever tried to strip me of my

stained glass pieces
you are the king of spades
shredding hearts 
to oblivion's light and insisting
that you are doing this
in the name of good,
and we both know all you're
doing is lying
to me to her and to yourself;
you fancy yourself an honest king
but you are the monster that
lurks in the shadows
waiting all too patiently to rip others
to pieces so they can be broken
as your shattered heart
whose stained glass pieces are so good
at cutting and shredding but in all
their destruction cannot heal you.

are you still distant? 
when she grips your hand
i wonder
are you there with her,
or are you in
a completely different universe
pushing her away
like you did me?
are you attentive to her needs or are
yours the only ones that 
i wish i could go back in time
take back the first time we kissed and put
another girl in my place
because honestly it wouldn't have mattered to you
she'd just be another heart to shatter
and you'd have done it unapologetic,
but i could never hurt 
someone the way you did me;
and so i take this little broken heart of mine
shine brighter than you could ever imagine with strength
in me that you never knew.

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