Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kira Gray- Two Poems

Beer Eyes

A man's man
my uncle John
worked construction
traveled state to state
wherever the work was
all week
pouring concrete
making roads, bridges, tunnels
Friday night he'd bring home the bacon
my aunt waiting hungrily
kids crying, food all gone
beer and cigarettes in short supply
They'd shop, then drink, then laugh
cigarettes glowing red in the dark
tell me stories all night
nights I wanted to last forever


I remember my last day
would've said I'm sorry
if I had the chance
I had no grudge
a sperm and egg
bolted together for 100 days
a usual day
floating in an amnio sea
then-pulsing blood
a stab-a shriek!
pain both hot and swift
my mother
she died too that day
now we'll never meet
never hear her say
I wrecked the family
not me, really
the "doctor"
with his pointed stick
dirty from death
my mother his victim
let me say it now
I am so sorry mama
for wanting to exist

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