Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kelley Jean White- Three Poems

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White Mountain Boogie & Blues
--Fetal horses
  May gallop
  In the womb
Oliver Sacks
I might call you Sunday morning
Catch you in someone else’s bed
If I call you Sunday morning
She’ll be wishing she was dead
And it won’t be cause I’m calling
No baby, you’ll be the aching
            In her head
I used to be so pretty
Bees would buzz around my head
Seventeen, and I was pretty
Bees buzzing round my head
Now I dance with fleas and spiders
Black flies and mosquitoes instead
You bought me a fistful of thorns
It was your own palms that bled
I wanted to kiss the torn up places
You didn’t want me to kiss your blood
You claimed your name meant healing
But it really meant causing pain
If there is a balm in Gilead
It definitely doesn’t know your name
You sat in the best parlor chair
The one with carvings on the arms
I wanted to sit on your lap
Knock us down to the floor
Honey, if you want to be my lobster
Then you better not eat my tail
When I said I was your baby
They named me Cora Lee
My mother went to prison
My father crossed the sea
Left my maiden aunt to raise me
Left my maiden self to flee
You signed your letters Respectfully
Never used Love or Dear or True
You signed your words Sincerely but
There wasn’t anything I knew
Just a lot of careful writing
There wasn’t anything that was you
I told my daughter not to marry
Said kiss the boy and run
Or watch out what you’ll carry
When he’s having all that fun
And the next day he’ll be talking
With his nasty little tongue
My daddy took me fishing
Caught a little rainbow trout
Threw it right back in the river
Said he wanted something else
Then he took out a nightcrawler
That was the only thing he hooked
My mother used to tell me
You can’t put a tomcat on a leash
She used to tell me
He’ll just keep running past your reach
But I bought you a little collar
With dog tags and a bell
So the birds would hear you coming
And tell you to go right down to hell
Why I Won’t Marry You
I want to be a lioness but
I don’t want to eat your meat
I might tear things from a bone or two
But my teeth feel kinda weak
And when you were a lion
I forgot to hear your roar
I could never share your pride
Don’t want to be just one more
I used to a be spider but
My web kept blowing away
I didn’t choose my twigs too well
They were stuck in the breeze-way
And a spider eats her husband
I better take care of these teeth
Make some silken strands to bind you
Honey, only one of us can eat