Tuesday, March 10, 2015

David Subacchi- Three Poems


A cold fear has spread
From every corner
Darkness now seeps
Into each opening
And crevice
Blotting out hope
Extinguishing any attempt
At a smile

We huddle together, longing
For some accidental spark
That just for a moment
Might reignite our humanity
And illumine the dreary
Vault in which we lie.


There comes a time in life
When you start counting down
Minute by minute
Second by second
Heading for a launch
Or an explosion
A cataclysm
Or just a release
Counting down, counting down

There’s a kind of calmness
And reassurance too
Safe in the knowledge
That the sun is setting
Happy to accept
The game is over
But it might not be
Unless you let it
Counting down, counting down

Shuffle the deck slowly
Deal the cards out for me
Roll the dice around
Show me the omens
Toss the coin highly
Stare at the tea leaves
Light me a candle
To the Madonna
Counting down, counting down.

 (For Flora)

Without it no life exists
This dancing, precious water
As once from Jordan’s river
Raised, blessed and then poured over

What do you ask for this child
A day of celebration
Or another lamb counted
In the flock of salvation.

David Subacchi studied at the University of Liverpool.  He was born in Wales of Italian roots and writes in English, Welsh and Italian.  Cestrian Press has published two collections of his poems. ‘First Cut’ (2012) and ‘Hiding in Shadows’ (2014).

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