Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tom Hatch- A Poem

Movie Star 
Emma Stone is so young among the bunnies she does not
know just quite yet she is a movie star but she has left the bunny hole
Blond hair like Jane Mansfield a true bunny 
Blond hair like Marilyn Monroe the bunny mold 
they tell her this not to her beautiful
face she reads it everywhere
gracing magazine covers everywhere
three and four at a time I have seen
her in a couple of movies she is good
and strikingly beautiful
She is starting the understanding of
who she is as a movie star “I cannot
be anonymous go bowling or go get coffee
Or cigarets they know who I am” sigh “this
will take some getting use to” I read

Emma peering through venetian blinds
dark noir like irony in a forties movie
her shadow across the hotel suite
projected on the wall from
The street lights of her hometown's
Lost summer nights
like a movie star
that we love in her sullen loneliness  
The burden of her beauty and talent
Soon to be picked apart by her
Imperfections of her perfection 

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