Tuesday, January 27, 2015

S. Black- Three Poems

both sides of the street

she phones
out of hours
from the new runaround
on the other side of the street
a class act
she needs some release
from the twenty-four seven
and has no desire
for conservation
he knows his place
she presses the button
he leaves the door open

end of all worlds

a man hates the world
so he retreats to a corner
and creates another
but soon enough
he despises it just as much
so he perseveres
until he runs out of worlds
to conquer
runs out of corners
to back into

what you get used to

it comes and it comes
straight from hell
it hunts us down
teeth bared
snapping at our heels
and has done for as long
as we dare to remember
but it's amazing
what you get used to
we just don't look around
S. Black- Other work may be found at the likes of Ink, Sweat and Tears, Message in a Bottle, the Screech Owl, Snakeskin and Dog-Ear. Now residing in the Thames Valley (UK).

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