Monday, January 5, 2015

Linda M. Crate- A Poem

weathering storms

our whole lives are
built on stories,
and even when our eyes are
closed and we sleep
the mind tells
itself stories until we wake
so don't believe them
when they say your story
doesn't matter
because it does;
we all bleed the same blood
no man has worth
above another
no matter what this world
would have you believe—
you can make
a difference
if only you believe and
act on your dreams,
but remember
to respect the dreams of others
because blowing out another's
doesn't make yours
shine brighter;
it's a wonder how anyone
can believe they
don't matter
when all our stories were woven
long before our births
to make the most
beautiful tapestry, but only
if we shine together—
divided we are easily conquered
united they don't stand
a chance and
so i will always support the
dreamers and the stories
we all have to
because life would be pretty
without the song of one another,
and a life without stories
isn't one anyone
should have to live;
and i wouldn't wish this fate
on my worst enemy—
so keep on writing
your novel
it's a story only you can fully
because no one knows
your chapters
better than you,
and everyone needs stories
otherwise there would
be no books,
television shows,
plays, movies, or art
and the earth
without art is just
and eh should just be a phrase not a
state of living—
you can tell me i'm not the
only one with a story,
but that doesn't mean it doesn't matter
it makes all the difference to me
and all the lives i touch;
i am destined for greatness they
told me once,
and so i set forth on my
dancing in the rain;
weathering storms.

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