Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal- 3 Poems

I can’t stand for losing.
I can’t let the tortoise beat me.
The sun shines expertly.
The fly won’t leave me alone.
It comes at me like an arrow
It’s cruel just like the sun.
I have been shackled to a
tree.  My flesh is burning up.
I have had enough of the sun
and the fly.  I don’t feel well.
I can’t let the tortoise beat me.
I want to call the race off.
Songs of despair
worm throughout my soft skull.
The dark songs hum
loud at night and whisper
in the morning.  Like full-
blown lullabies the songs
are calm and sweet,
then turn melancholy.
The songs go on
in perpetuity.
They will not end.
They follow me around.
They’re the shovel and the
dirt, preparing me for the grave.
Drinking cold beer
with a tooth ache.
It does not feel
too good at all.
Drinking cold beer
with an old flame,
it does not feel
too good at all,
when the past is
brought back and all
the reasons why
we are apart.
Drinking cold beer
does not help when
the tooth and heart
are hurting just
as much.  At least
I could have the
tooth extracted. 
The old flame burns,
but in time I
could douse that
flame with cold beer.

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