Friday, January 9, 2015

Scott Thomas Outlar- A Poem

Laid to Rest
The truth comes in waves,
riding the tide of horrors
and harsh epiphanies
that smash the status quo
and keep the prime directive
of evolution pulsing forward –
a perpetual motion machine
that caters to the mechanism
of growth pattern propaganda.
Life is an ocean of drama,
fluxing across the crystal dilemma
that radiates off the sun’s reflection
back to the moon
and out to the edge of the cosmos
where a cookie monster gobbles the light
and drops the crumbs
to crush the chickens below
as they scramble with heads cut off
until crashing in a heap of blood.
Creation is an existential game,
laughing heartily in dualistic madness
as the major and minor chords
strum back and forth in dichotic reverberations,
humming to a silent rhythm,
singing an opera that has no foundation,
orchestrating a plan without legs
that faltered from the very beginning
but kept up the illusion of progression –
wearing a mask of primitive origins
as the genesis vibrations
break down in erstwhile chaos
and The Word falls to the wayside
where it is danced upon like a forgotten grave.

Scott Thomas Outlar burst forth from the primordial ooze with thoughts of Renaissance, Revolution and Revelation careening across the newly enlivened neuron synapses of his fledgling consciousness.  He survived both the primordial fire and the cataclysmic flood - now he dances in celebration while waiting on the next round of chaos to commence.  Otherwise, he lives a relatively simple life.  Scott can be reached at

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