Wednesday, January 7, 2015

J.J. Campbell- Three Poems

the first moments of dawn

the dirty angels
sing in the first
moments of

they are just
now stumbling

success is a
number, a smile,
not catching a

one old soul
readies his
last notes

he knows
damn well

he's stumbled
home for the
final time

they tend to get a little rowdy

bathe in the blood
of a hungry god
under the fading
light of a winter's
full moon

listen to the howl
off in the distance

be one with those
demons screaming
inside of you

let them out




but be careful

they tend to get a
little rowdy when
they have that special
punch they have at
these school dances

so many years ago

i pick up the pen
and think about
how the curve of
your hips tasted
so many years

it's on these nights
that the loneliness

and no matter how
many moments i
can point to and
proclaim success

i roll over in bed
to no one and truly
know that failure
is the only true
friend i have

J.J. Campbell (1976 - soon) is old enough to know better. He is stupidly giving up his life in the country for yet another foray into suburbia. He's certain the poems will get better, but everyone else sits in the corner and laughs at him. J.J.'s been well published over the years, most recently at, Horror Sleaze Trash, The Camel Saloon, Midnight Lane Boutique, and ZYX. You can find J.J. bitching and moaning about shit he only cares about each day on his blog, evil delights. (

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