Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deirdre Hines- A Poem

The Wind Tree

headlights replace red votive flames
around the wind tree's branches
startling awake a sleeper below-

a bone white wind whittles away
billboard papers proclaiming lies
masquerading as the only answer-

scatters the smog in all directions
then catches in a stinking pool
a star cluster and one half moon-

a runaway off his ritalin
tugs on his only wheels
two teases stole to throw away

the branch that knocks them down
is pyrographed with the tree of life
drop falls into his shaking hands-

lightning spells zeds in pylons
until the hush of no electric
throws all five into relief-

two wasters running for their life
from a stick dancing boy
in step

with an awakened sleeper
in harmony with
the Tao of  psithurism.

Deirdre Hines is an award winning poet. Her first collection of poems, "The Language of
Coats" was published by New Island Press in 2012. She has won the Listowel Poetry
Collection Prize (2011) and been shortlisted for The Patrick Kavanagh Award and the
Gregory O'Donohue International Poetry Prize. You can hear her read some of these poems
by visitng her website www.deirdrehines.com

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