Friday, January 16, 2015

Joseph Donnelly- Three Poems

gluttony for breakfast

Gluttony follows a period of uncomfortable sleep
I dream of a place where nobody sees each other from the waist up
Costumes are free and plentiful
When the sun rises I cough up grease and hit the snooze
If there is coffee I drink it 
acid reflux is annoying,
Good food is dangerous,
One more mouthful and I’ll stop
One more dream and I’ll get up the next day
And start my life over
With smaller portions

A short one for doctors

We should be scared of doctors
Because they control you at your most vulnerable
And we have no choice but to see them
Unless we live like the Cro-Magnons
Believing that all is right with a bad world

Stopping is human

Do you stop for flat tires?
The sound gets annoying after a while
an axle will break or bend
It doesn’t take long to fix
On long trips
You will need a garage
Where they may or may not rip you off
            If it’s cold
If it’s windy and rain pours
            If the clouds look menacing
I’ll see you as a justified blur
Frustrated with the speed of traffic
Pretending that I cannot help
Imaging perfect reasoning
Life and death on the commute home
            We could all stop
Collective change like tolls
            Where you may or may not get ripped off
Do you stop for flat tires?
We should
Because our axle will break or bend
The same way of our collective spirit

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