Saturday, January 10, 2015

Juliana Diemert- Three Poems

I am a freshman student at Frazee High School in Minnesota. I am an unpublished poet. For an English project we are submitting poems we have individually written.


The books that hold the mysteries of the universe,
are only opened by few,
The books that hold all information,
select eyes have scanned their pages,
so much knowledge,
so much power within their words,
they speak every language,
they hold every brain,
they know every secret kept hidden,
People with secrets,
feel like they know everything,
that their head is a book of mysterious knowledge,
because they know a fact that nobody else knows,
but everyone has a secret,
a book that hold the mysteries of their own universe,
novels with words that don't make sense to anyone but them,
Each person is their own series of knowledge,
every cell being a word,
every organ being a chapter,
their whole being,
is a shelf of books that hold the mysteries of the universe.

Hope is Stupid

Hope is stupid,
Hope is blind,
Hope is worse than death,
Hope has hope in itself,
Hope is not necessary,
its a false sense of security,
Hope is something given to people that have nothing,
so they can hold on to something,
Hope has nothing to do with fate,
Hope cannot change the outcome of anything,
Hope is a false light at the end of a tunnel,
At least death is necessary

Princess Hailie

While Princess Hailie was sound asleep,
Her kingdom turned into a mess,
The Queen started smoking,
The Kings started yelling,
The siblings had to stay with friends,
Princess Hailie drifted deeper into sleep.
The Royal Family was running out of wealth,
The Queen never slept,
The King never ate,
And the siblings were failing their tests,
Princess Hailie was resting her eyes,
The Royal Family was torn apart,
But one by one,
Princess Hailie, sewed each string of the family back together,
And her eyes were open, once again.

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