Saturday, January 24, 2015

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

A Question

life and I,
hitchhiking in this body,
through space and time,
life has said,
with this body's last breath,
it plans to leave,
but I wonder,
will it offer to take me along,
or must I remain,
and stay behind,
the question troubling,
the answer unknown,
uneasy traveling companions,
life and I.

a child swaddled,
warm and secure,
protected from the elements,
hopefully to grow strong,
and powerful,
but becomes malformed if the blankets not undone,
no longer true,
only a manipulation,
property of the protectors,
shaped and misused,
for their own use,
grotesque now,
the baby once beautiful,
swaddled in blankets,
warm and secure.
Politics 2015

no rules today,
you can lie,
you can cheat,
precedents no longer exist,
constitutional relationships,
ignored and abused,
the executive and legislative branches go their own ways,
justice only a tool,
they can twist or shape,
data and numbers,
created by every side,
stories told to hide the lies,
politics a cesspool of human waste,
galloping to the brim of extinction,
the human race,
power held by the greedy,
corrupt and vain,
no rules today,
enjoy the pain.

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