Saturday, January 10, 2015

Logan Wacker- A Poem

Logan Wacker is a student at Frazee High School. He lives with his family near Frazee. Sports occupy most of his life.

It's There

I wish I could talk to
The oldest tree in the forest
Beautiful, beautiful that tree would be
Wisdom is held in that trunk
The oldest the biggest
That tree can be found
It might take some luck
It might take some skill
But that old tree can be found
There's a million old trees in the forest
Just like the old man
He lives out in that forest
He's a normal old guy
Just like you and I
That old tree just like the rest
Needs to be found
With it would come the greatest wisdom
Only the old man knows of it
It's there
Everyone wishes for the wisdom
Only the ones who really want it
Go get it
Its hidden but, it's there 
Everyone wants the results
But no one wants the works
It's there
Go get it
Go talk to that oldest tree
Go talk to that old man
Work for that wisdom
It's there
Go get it

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