Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kristopher D. Taylor- Three Poems

Harry Partch sitting quietly, reading a book

and I chuckle to myself,
coughing a bit on my cigarette,
imagining Harry Partch
in his pajamas,
reading a book quietly
by a fire
before realizing
the smile on my
vision’s face,
a smile despite the 10-years
he dedicated to dirt,
10-years without music,
and now I feel left out. 

shoelaces in your private corner

It’s magical,
feeling your shoelaces
beginning to make
a run for it,
while you sit
alone in your private
corner of the library,
the corner you had
to come early, 8 am,
to reserve,
and for a second
you let them run,
afraid to chase
after them
for fear of losing
your seat. 

Reading Franz Wright and talking to you
Reading Franz Wright and talking to you,
I smile at the decency of it all.
I smile for the oceans
and the emeralds
hanging high over the little dipper.

Reading Franz Wright and talking to you,
I laugh at the ridiculousness of this conversation,
and I have to keep feeling for my pulse.

I read, and I write,
all the while loving every moment under the sun,
secretly wishing I were under the moon.

Kristopher D. Taylor is a poet from Florida. He posts his work regularly at kdtayorisstillhere.wordpress.com. In 2014 he started Dink Press to help promote poetry with affordable volumes. Dink's first project, Dink Mag, is set to debut in a few months. He is in love.

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