Saturday, January 24, 2015

Linda M. Crate- Three Poems

dreaming of better tomorrows 
i'm a girl of many endings
don't know which
one is meant for me,
and i wish i could find this 
who is supposed to help me but 
i only end up kissing frogs;
surely there is someone that understands
the madness of my soul,
and someone whose dreams i can
nuture and who will nuture
or is my heart too heavy to carry
for anyone
i've never seen the beauty of scars more than i
do now
because they show our failures in our journey
that could not kill us
emotionally or physically or spiritually
or all three combined—
someone save me from these seas of introspection
i am love sick,
and there are so many kissing couples
fondly dancing around me;
i am happy for them but there is a twinge of
jealousy that feeling of what about me?
as i sit here forgotten
dreaming of better tomorrows.

one day 
once you called me your
little lotus flower,
but i'm tired of kissing frogs;
i came close to 
kissing another one,
why would you make a mockery of
don't you know there is power
to our words?
call me your lily of the valley
or your thorned rose,
but don't promise me a lifetime of
kissing frogs in ponds;
i want to meet my forever and i want
him to meet me,
and i don't think we're going to meet
in a pond and if we do i'll
eat these words;
but give me a crown of flowers
let me dance in the fields and meadows
with fae and faun
and explore the night with vampyre and werewolf
kiss the stars and the rivers and the trees
with nymphs and satyrs—
one day on one of my adventures of wildness and
whimsy there will be a man whose eyes won't
let me escape no matter how hard i run,
and he'll only have to call my 
name and i'll be his;
and together we will be one achieving our dreams
together and apart.

give me a lover
with long hair that loves to dance and who
kisses danger with a welcome smile
whose eyes will burn me
so i must rise from my ashes again,
and let him be the one
that saves me
from my own self-destruction;
the only one that can make me snap out of
whimsy and wilderness should there
be occasion that i should—
give me a lover
who understands my soul and whose soul
i can commune with openly
even if words are never shed because sometimes
silences are the deepest words of all,
and let him love me for him and i for him
let no ocean part us—
give me a lover that is handsome not only in looks
but in his soul
who can tell me when i'm wrong without
offending me,
and who i can respond to in the same manner;
give me a lover that loves to sing
whose songs will awaken in me dreams long forgotten
so i can remember who i'm supposed to be
and who recalls me even when i can't remember
myself so that i'm never left alone—
give me a lover with a sense of humor so i can always
laugh even when darkness dances in like a cloud,
whose strong shoulders who can hold 
me when the tears fall
and whose weakness can allow me the strength
to love him all the more;
let us love as no one has ever loved and no one
will ever love again
my heart is a passionate thing that scares the hell out of me
let him be just as passionate about things that matter
and let him tame the insanity of this tempest
inside i cannot stop,
and give me a lover who i can love
so we can save one another
when the world around us crashes and burns whose bones
are strong enough to house my dreams and mine his,
and let this lover be the last one; the one to claim me forever as
his own.

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