Sunday, January 18, 2015

Robin C. Pinkman- A Poem

the moon is going to eat the sun and
science will have to change its basic

Her gait and the gown gave her away
i couldn’t understand her cadaverous
lips something about a coffer the
most beautiful in the world (but she
couldn’t get in anymore)

she flits around like a fly against
plate glass pleading

“Did you hear what happened?
(Do you understand what happened?”

and even to little children who
smiled and weren’t scared)
it was raining hard and the man kept
forcing out all kinds of poorer people
trying to get out of the rain

i leaned my elbows against the cold
of the ledge

“Did you hear what happened?
Do you know? Did you hear?”

the terrible little man kept putting
everybody out in the rain he finally
chased the embalmed woman out
onto the sidewalk

for a second i almost asked him to
turn off a couple of the goddamned
televisions so i could think.

Sacramento 4/20/12

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