Saturday, January 17, 2015

Richard Schnap- Three Poems


You hear the voice
Of a black crow calling

Like a has-been chanteuse
In a run-down cafe

As you leave and walk
Down deserted streets

Under an overcast sky
Like a burial shroud

To purchase a ticket
On a one-way train

To a place where you
Can become someone else

But it’s all sold out
So you return to your room

Where a black crow is calling
Like a voice singing just for you


For some life’s hunger
Is an unending quest
To find things to buy
Filling a void inside
That long ago lost
The need for people
Whose portraits on a shelf
Sit gathering dust

But for others it’s the faces
Of family and friends
That wake up their hearts
Like a cathedral’s bells
For each one is a sunbeam
Piercing the shadows
The conquerors of death
The candles in the dark


A distant siren howls
Like a wounded beast
Chained to itself

As old men inch by
On streets that used
To belong to them

While the morning sun
Hesitates to rise
As if it is afraid

To reveal a world
Moving in reverse
Like a broken clock

And as people begin
To consider bombs
More beautiful than roses

They watch their children
Playing in dirt
Passing like dreams

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