Friday, April 1, 2016

Gene McCormick- Poem & Art

Blood Orange
The blood orange shade of a decorative
table lamp, a foot tall, if that, wraps around
a low wattage bulb, shedding dim light in its
desolate far corner of the restaurant table
set for two. The stem is a gilt metal pineapple,
standing on end, the base a solid square,
as the lamp illumes a basket of bread, butter,
silverware and two glasses of wine
on a white tablecloth.

The restaurant is not far from the house.

Her face is in shadows, away from the lamp.
We don’t connect anymore, she says.

Brief Bio: Gene McCormick frequently does table-top dancing wearing a blood orange lampshade. 


  1. It's a toss-up which is the most intriguing story--the one in the poem or you dancing on the table top....


  2. He looks better dancing with the red lampshade though but that's just a bartender's opinion

  3. Call me Twinkletoes.