Friday, April 29, 2016

Angelica Fuse- Three Poems

Table Cloth Shirt

he's wearing
a table cloth shirt
as he rummages
through our wares

I imagine
he found an actual
table cloth
and threw it over 
to keep warm

Movie Noise

I learned to speak
from the voice
of Cary Grant
and Deborah Kerr
learned my humor
from Gene Wilder
and Meg Ryan
learned to argue
from the broadcast

Vulture Game

as I leave
they circle around
where I stood
looking for
whatever they 
can carry away
in their beaks

1 comment:

  1. Hollywood pines for voices which come alive as confessional, desperate poetry in lines of a super naturalistic presence of a memory of technicolor dream scenes which undermine the eerie common tongues of language.
    scenes of traumatic surrealistic scene and scenario.