Saturday, April 16, 2016

B.Z. Niditch- Three Poems


These rainy mornings
waiting for a line of haddock
or any fish to appear
losing no time
here on the tall grass
by dawn's dock and deck
admiring the black swan's neck
at a time of adolescence
after our papers are examined
and our moving eyes
stop to look at the clock
when the academic year
is stopped for vacation
we flee from our passions
wishing to ride out early
in a row boat or kayak
over the motionless shore
on the Atlantic ocean waters
to catch up to our poetry
and complimentary love life
with a fearless conscience
embracing an opening wave
by a back up school
of salmon in a frenzy 
then motionless 
in an A.M. silence
of too much cool memory
already tasting the filet
fried and cooked 
along the sea.


Ski season is now on
sunlight withers
by the birches branch
the borderline wind wants
to make us cold
and reinvents us 
on blinded snow surfaces
when we are waiting
lost on the avalanche
from the hilly ranges
near the emboldened rescue
here everyone is a friend
in the whitened frenzy
there are no strangers
in the craggy bends
of dismantled images
from sleepless limbs
shaped by solitude
and traces of reverie.


There were three of us
who played together for peace
after our shielded reading
during my sax recital
when time came to stop
our laughing riffs glance
at a memorial of old Beats
on a free wielding trio
keeping our lamp burning
my dancing verses rise
of blushing for a solo love
in a changing season
by a college room fireplace
of a strong voice aiming 
at swaying a cool 
flirting audience
suddenly inescapable silence
as if to say,
we are taking off early
in our night shirts. 


  1. Waiting To Fish.... All of nature communicating
    with our primal instincts.

  2. All poems take you on a flight that never was meant to land. Beautiful imagery......