Saturday, April 23, 2016

Alan Catlin- Three Poems

Wet Spot 1

All she needed
was a wet spot
on the back of
her way too
short and tight
denim skirt to
complete the goods
as advertised
costume she
was wearing,
no underwear
necessary, her
black, cut to
ventilate Harley
Honey t-shirt-
the only thing
left to the
imagination: where,
when and how much

Wet Spot 2

He looked as
if he'd taken
Billy Bob's
Sling Blade
character way
too close to
heart, slowly
articulating some
obscure need
for something
he'd swear on
a small stack
of Bibles was
potable but
anyone with an
IQ over 79
knew was more
suitable for
purposes like
in a lamp
to read the
Good Book by
After a couple of
futile tries to
talk him out of
his chosen poison
it became much
easier just to
make him what
he seemed to
want and keep
him away from
an open flame

Wet Spot 3

Part of his
Reach training
must have
included: Stop,
Look and Listen
before crossing
between parked
cars in inches
deep, more falling,
rain and slush,
along heavily
trafficked thorough-
fares though I
wasn't certain
whether the training
had extended to
the best ways to
store, carry and
redeem empty
roadside returnable,
bottles and cans,
sliding through
torn spaces in
worn thin plastic
bags, rolling away
from his grasp
into the path
of Emergency
Vehicles on call
just beyond his
hands, those dull,
dark eyes wide
open, not seeing
what lay in wait

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  1. Fine selection from Alan Catlin whose language surprises
    with innovative joy in experimentation and innovation.