Friday, April 1, 2016

Douglas Polk- Three Poems

A Nightmare

words spoken,
absent of meaning,
questions asked,
only to entrap,
soul less,
heart less,
and sluts,
lessons not taught to educate,
only to control,
and manipulate,
backdoors encripted,
to rip out the soul,
and fear,
preached day after day,
society a cult,
lacking both sanity,
and reason,
once an open sore,
now pus filled,
and encrusted,
scab upon scab,
creating the hierarchy,
and the structure,
of the world today,
the present reality,
six degrees of separation,
from hell itself,
a place created by men,
not by Gods,
scared little men,
lacking both brains,
and vision,
consisting only of ego,
and greed,
from Adams to Obama,
traitors almost every one,
democracy once the reality,
soon to be a fairy tale,
told at bedtime,
so hopeless children,
can pretend to believe,
and attempt to dream,
but the nightmare already begun.

The Teenager

walking on eggs,
day after day,
unsure and unloved,
fear haunts her youthful eyes,
intent on being invisible,
she tries,
and tries,
while the old men laugh,
and shout her name.

An Attack

optic nerves revolt,
black spots,
fall like rain,
other senses heighten,
screams heard,
far away,
her touch painful,
nerve endings howl,
the body under siege,
a massive storm,
of unkown origins,
stops as quickly as it began,
out of breath,
with head throbbing,
prayers said,
for sleep to come.

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