Monday, November 2, 2015

Richard Schnap- Two Poems


There’s the one that can turn
Cold lead into gold
That never seems
Like it’s enough

And the one that can cure
The wounds of the world
To find other
Reasons to cry

And the one that can change
Indifference to love
That the currents
Of time can drown

And the one that can bring
The dead back to life
From the light that
They’ve learned awaits


First will come
Dolls of deliverance
For a second childhood
Tragically too short

Then will come
Chairs rarely sat in
Bought for the fantasy
Of being someone else

Next will come
Paperback romances
With fictional heroes
Bearing unblemished hearts

Till finally will come
A tree bright with trinkets
For the birth of a savior
That too wept alone

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