Thursday, November 19, 2015

Douglas Polk- Two Poems


hate is in the air,
pungent with the aroma of distrust,
and fear,
Big Brother begs for the details,
wanting fingers pointed,
and stories told,
whether true or not,
it does not matter,
citizen spies needed,
to attack and destroy,
the foundations already laid,
centuries old,
thieves in the night,
in search of power,
and wealth,
instead of promising to set things right,
distrust and fear are in the air,
hatred in the soil,
begins to grow,
the new foundations laid.


death and darkness,
in Paris,
the city of lights,
where love now,
clashes with hate,
lives ended,
and people gunned down,
innocents killed,
to grow the hate,
and spread the fear,
Paris will survive,
the people strong,
and brave,
through the centuries,
through the years,
the choice made again,
and again,
to suffer for love,
and for the light,
a beacon in the darkness,
Paris through the years.

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