Monday, November 16, 2015

Michael Keshigian- Two Poems

Another winter approached
and he thought,
the air has become frigid
and chases away the sun,
enabling the day to diminish early
to a grayish hue.
He commenced singing
a happy song as in summer,
no matter where he traveled
beneath the leaden, pewter clouds
laden with snow, about to obliterate
the ashen white streak of moon
that sought thin vapors to penetrate.
His breath crystallized
when the melody escaped his lips,
reminding him of the warmth
and its past embrace,
hoping the tune
will give him enough strength
to sit beside the fireplace flames
and for once not become dismayed,
though down the path of time,
should he discover
another summer’s solstice
shall not be reached,
he might tell himself,
during that ultimate surge of blood to ice
in his constricting veins,
that his soul was sunshine.
Turn to the page
in the book of life
where the sun
and only the sun
appears perched in the middle
of two equally endowed
cumulus clouds
as it highlights their outer edges,
an outlined stream of light
cascading toward
the pewter base
brightness cannot penetrate,
studying so intensely
that hours pass
before you are inclined
to flip the page.
Light has penetrated your mind
enough to guide
you away from daily plight
into a place where aspirations reside,
and you linger upon
this parchment of possibilities
to pronounce the syllables
of goals and desires the glow ignites
inciting you to raise your eyes,
close the book and contemplate
the renewed feeling of opportunity
perusing this paradise of promise.
Michael Keshigian’s tenth poetry collection, Beyond was released May, 2015 by Black Poppy.  He has been widely published in numerous national and international journals most recently including Poesy,The Chiron Review, California Quarterly, and has appeared as feature writer in over a dozen publications with 5 Pushcart Prize and 2 Best Of The Net nominations. (

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