Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sanjeev Sethi- A Poem

The recently released, This Summer and That Summer, (Bloomsbury) is Sanjeev Sethi’s third book of poems. His work also includes well-received volumes, Nine Summers Later and Suddenly For Someone. He has, at various phases of his career, written for newspapers, magazines, and journals. He has produced radio and television programs.
His poems have found a home in The London Magazine, The Fortnightly Review, Allegro Poetry Magazine OtolithsLemon Hound, Solstice Literary Magazine, Off the Coast Literary Journal, Synesthesia Literary Journal, Oddball Magazine, Hamilton Stone Review, Indian Literature, The Hindu, The Statesman, and elsewhere. He lives in Mumbai, India.
Poems are forthcoming in Sentinel Literary Quarterly, and  Literary Orphans.

What do those not honored with winsome
habitus do? Realizing I’m my worst emblem
I swaddled in sandpaper leading to rescission
of haptic reciprocities. I continued with liniment
of life-hacks but my body failed to free me.
Corollary to Gehenna: supernal forces gesticulate.
Faith is Fata Morgana or like an afterword:
fragrance to be inhaled on a future date.

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