Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chad Repko- Three Poems

Short BIO: Chad Repko is a poet from Pottstown PA.


spawn from womb
that is different from you
which makes you different too
weird isn't it
our tired head nod orbit
floating yet cemented
Masculinity needs to be reinvented

the body,
celestial by invention
the mind,
needing to live by true intention
move by love's will alone
through caverns and taverns
of the darkest embryos of light
and being mindful
of electrons I invite

this spirit
wants to share smiles
after the files of the brain
pack on miles for the insane
how bizarre this tried path
is often derailed from your vengeance
and your wrath
oh, and I've fucked up too
just like you
crashed, frustrated, withdrew


our singularity
our crazy fucking terrestrial attitude
leaving holes in our visual magnitude
should be what we express
down this fucking cosmic avenue

or perhaps
I'm from a different place
a spectrum of abnormality
a twisted duality
between nightmare and fantasy
between Masculinity and Femininity
homo sapien and divinity
tied together so brilliantly

yet we bet on
your time clocks and wrist watch
your arguments and displaced anger
your commentators and experts
your big green money making machine
we demean
our conjunction for routine

but for all it's worth in this galactic travel
I wish compassion for those still residing in Umbra

The Evolution of Self

it's true what they say
it's not the years,
it's the mileage
to grow
and gain such knowledge
of self
the struggle between
the soul and the mind
with the body being the battlefield
that gets weighted in time

they say you look old
but i still like to fuck in the rain
some things change
while others stay the same
through capitalism
the zombie filled cannibalism
that sick one-eyed Willie green
pump caffeine into the machine
see your time flushed down the latrine
and school pride
of friends and family that have died
east side
where the rival towns collide
I don't need that damn divide
for as I am grown
that hatred need not apply

across time I have traveled
through books, through timelines
by the skin of my teeth
I have battled
through constants and variables
through love, through love lost
through space and energy
back to love's synergy
but never blinking off course
because there has always been a source
the eyes, the stars, the galaxies
upon galaxies
that do not end
but yet a planet
that rests on our tiny shoulders
how beautiful our short life grows
before the dirt begin to enclose
grab your friend and fucking love them
we have already seen it all
it's been hard-linked to the brain-stem
with our little time here
we can stop the train
that's quickly headed for the cliff
so that our children
won't have to see this abyss
but luckily
your rules do not apply to me

and you ask
"what do you see when you look in the mirror?"
I see mileage

and my future


Because of 30 second car commercials
 Because of Christ and the cross
Because of Democrats and Republicans
 Because of profits and loss
Because of celebrity news
 Because we care how they fall
Because of social networking
 Because of that new strip mall
Because I suck at sports
 Because no pain no gain
Because of MTV, BET, FOX and CNN
 Because it's all starting to sound the same

Because of my mother and father
 Because I thought Snow White was hot
Because Morticia Addams wore leather and lace
 Because of Mushrooms and because of pot
Because of your ribbons, marches, and parades
 Because of your borders and all of your flags
Because of your aliens, your Roswell, your billboards
 Because of your doctors and xanax hash tags
Because of Preachers, your rabbis, your gurus
 Because of your character attacks
Because you are only your driver's license
Because of Property, income and fuel tax
 Because the leaders are packaged theater
 Because they control the energy grid
Because of creativity
 Because of the ego and the ID
Because of Collagen lips and silicone tits
 Because of acne cream, and Rogain
Because of woman's daily and men's fitness
 Because this fakeness is hard to maintain
Because of cowboys and Indians
 Because we have lost our essence
Because we are addicted to feeling old
 Because we forget we are still in our adolescence

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