Friday, November 27, 2015

John Pursch- Two Poems

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. Twice nominated for Best of the Net, his work has appeared in many literary journals. His first book, Intunesia, is available at Check out his experimental lit-rap video at He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.

Sheet-to-Parakeet Collisions

I glisten down to scattered meows, mere crumbs of culled occurrence edge infusion plopping felt dementia spinning cogs to frozen catwalk terminus of inlaid hatpin germaphobia, plausibly entitled to amorphous seeds.

Absurdity absolves disturbing sheet-to-parakeet collisions, pressed to imitation walnut prescience, calling pestilential zebras.

Somehow turning into crows, the sky erupts in broad effulgence, bubbling effigy to crimson neckline histories of paused-life stifled powers, netting dental sentences for poshly incarcerated baubles.

Sabotaged survival tombs peculate atomic typicality from potable copter aptitude, sequestered blithely into finned portraiture of yawning bucolic suction.

Aft pretenders denude myopian sedation crust, stippled to golden drawbridge hypertension quotes of peopled seashore tomes in Gothic nook parameter relief, plied separately from fallen wheat.

Polyglot Implosion Teeth

Eyes avert in quiet disrespect, antsy involution, scheduled earrings, purported blasphemies, and segued seclusion’s secular cigar.

Sullied hemlines wallow by with hurried cough, elliptical retainer blurbs emoting incandescent swerve from contrail lane above the crowd’s immunity of unaccented dialect.

Softly shifting debutantes preen for sycophantic gasconade of Cossack cherubim, cursive seraphim, and Seraphic nods of parietal paternity in spun tachometers.

Flicks revert to credit scroll in timed release of anklet tattoo permanence.

Oh, we’ve slipped past yawning sputter Nile to hammered Dacron polyglot implosion teeth, flogging savory watch sand why, adrenaline of movie lines, and plugged bazooka hideaways for secondhand psoriasis.

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