Monday, November 16, 2015

Stefanie Bennett- A Poem

PARIS ATTACK, November 13, 2015      
I am the Lady Lazarus
Come back from your
Cold wars. It was
Not I who struck the drum.
I’ve not once sat
In Parliaments upon some
Laurelled throne.
I am the bearer of Crops.
Of child. Of glad tidings
And the sad.
I am the moon marketeer
And ‘water carrier’;
The bridge-spanning
Time barrier.
I am the atom that splits
All difference.
I am the flame within
The forge.
I am the heirloom
Of your opposites.
I am sight-seer
And over-seer
... But most of all “I am”
Yourself! The cliff-hanger
When the chips are down.
I am – Earth. – Mouth. – and
Mother to whatever’s
Set to fly or float.
I am the flag-scarf
To all Nations tightening
At your throat:
I am your Lady Lazarus,
Twice as daring,

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