Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Robert League- Three Poems

As a Rope

Given the choice,
I'd come back
as a rope, a tight
little knot
that could never be
untied, a cord
to swing by, or
dangle from,
depending on 
the mood of the day.

Well now

Used to be ill
but well now,
used to be pale,
but now full
of life and color,
used to be okay
but now not
so, wandering
the floor at night,
always dripping,
always looking,
a late night
observing a still


This is one
is dedicated
to the girl who
would not kiss
me and wrecked
my summer,
to the lady who
sat in my front
seat and refused
to be a lady,
to the one that
got away and then
went and wrecked
the shit out of
someone else's
life, a dagger
I thought was
a dainty letter opener.

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