Monday, November 23, 2015

Brenton Booth- Two Poems


The moon won’t stop
and the shoes crawl
along the floor
music playing but missing
the point
and nothing to bring
the dawn
laying in bed watching
the paint peel from
the walls and trying
not to see her
holding my hands out
to catch
            a new dream
            a new hope
            a new feeling
            a new face—
            anything to take
            the pain away
when she came I
wasn’t much
when she left I
was far less
the sound of hours
and blood filling
the room:
though what I really
couldn’t be further


The problem is the stars are average
and overpaid
the honest persons job is underpaid
the walls are never thick enough to
get away from the noise
the problem is the beautiful women
are ugly
the ugly women are beautiful
the men aren’t strong enough for
ugly women
the problem is the cameras are
the groceries cost too much
the car won’t take us far enough
the problem is the gods are long
the faithful have nothing else but
to continue worshipping them
our true history and future are
the problem is the great composers
are all gone
the televisions play too much
the individual has been killed by
the censorship of the masses
the problem is the sun doesn’t
always shine
the relationships rarely work
the journalists use their words
to control us
the problem is the hookers charge
too much
the beautiful music never lasts
as long as it should
the oasis is always in the distance
the problem is the taxes aren’t
the success doesn’t make you smile
victory is an idiots dream
on a Tuesday night in Sydney
all the lights off:
well almost.

Bio: Brenton Booth lives in Sydney, Australia.

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