Tuesday, November 17, 2015

David Moore- Two Poems

Fiery Angels

Fiery the Angels fell
We passed in the firmament
Me heaven-bound
They to hell

A shining Saviour welcomed me
His heart beat Golden notes
Wing-ed cherubs trumpeted
Sweet tunes from honeyed throats

I cast my new found eyes
Downward toward the pit
And wondered why my loving God
Would sentence souls to it

But in my chest beat mighty fear
And lightning from his tongue
My soul resides forever here
And all his will is done 

The Bucket ‘O’ Blood

The Bucket ‘O’ Blood’s
Cobbled yard
Red brick walls
Bottle scarred

Toe to toe
And ale ready
Bets put down
Nerve’s held and steady

Weighty men 
Of lowly breed
Heavy of hand
Or quick of speed
Thrust like dogs
More alive
The nearer dead

Snarling spitting biting
Its stand and hold
Or lose your keep

Its knees and knuckles
Smashed and broke
Its gouged plucked eyes
Its throats that choke

For all the combat on the floor
Its those that watch that I fear more
And throw their coin on blooded stone
To ply their trade in flesh and bone

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